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Standard and Specialty Concrete Forms

Our concrete forms, manufactured by Wall-Ties & Forms, use state-of-the-art robotics welding system which extends the life of welds on our full concrete forms. These concrete forms receive the most concrete placement pressure. A soft alloy weld wire is utilized in the concrete form weld process. This ensures greater flexibility without sacrificing strength when the concrete form is in use. This greatly reduces, if not eliminates, broken welds.
Another benefit that is extremely important for you to keep in mind when choosing your concrete form distributor, is bracing construction. You need to avoid weight gain through concrete accumulation under the horizontal brace. Concrete accumulation can occur when there is an open hat section on the concrete form. Weight gain will shorten your concrete form usage and can increase the likelihood of back injuries. By enclosing the hat section, we ensure no accumulation of concrete, subsequently, no weight gain on the concrete form. Our braces are serrated to simplify carrying and using of the concrete forms.


concrete form_8-8/8-24
This hole pattern makes the 8-8 / 8-24 ideal in markets converting from block to poured walls. This allows the contractor to easily accomplish 8" jumps.
~ Widths from 36" - 1"
~ Heights up to 120"
~ Standard face sheet thickness .125
~ Also available in .115
~ Brace is a 1 x 2 tube
~ 36" x 96", .125 thickness weighs 84#
~ 36" x 108", .125 thickness weighs 90#



concrete forms_6-12
The 6/12 hole pattern allows the contractor to easily accomplish 12" jumps.
~ Available in widths from 36" - 1" and heights up to 120"
~ Standard face sheet thickness .125
~ Also available in .115
~ 36" x 96", .125 thickness weighs 93#
~ 36" x 108", .125 thickness weighs 102#

6-12 Double Bracing

concrete form_6-12 Double bracing

Every Panel is Built to Last…
In addition to the 6-12 we offer 6-12 Double Bracing. This upgrade is constructed with a double 1 x 2 tube providing less weight, easier handling and more nailing area. This concrete form has the durability for any project residential or lite commercial.
~ Widths from 36" - 1"
~ Heights up to 120"
~ 1 x 2 Tube Brace
~ Standard face sheet thickness .125
~ Also available in .115
~ 36" x 96", .125 thickness weighs 89#
~ 36" x 108", .125 thickness weighs 97#


Super Light

concrete forms_super light
Is weight an issue with your concrete forms? The Super Light panel is the concrete form for you. Consistent care increases the longevity of this panel.
Available in:
~ 36" x 120" weighs only 90#
~ 36" x 108" weighs only 81#
~ 36" x 96" weighs only 73#

Commercial Concrete Forms

concrete form_commercial concrete forms
Accurate, Reliable…Because this concrete form is engineered for minimal deflection and pillowcasing, it is ideal for commercial applications requiring the flattest possible wall surface. This is accomplished by manufacturing the form 24" wide with a .156 face sheet. This concrete form is built with the 8" hole pattern. The Commercial Form is used in the SecureTech Building System.
~ Width 24"
~ Heights up to 120"
~ 1 x 2 Tube Brace
~ Face sheet .156 - thickest aluminum face sheet available on the market
~ 24" X 96" weighs 64#
~ 24" x 108" weighs 71#
Available in metric sizes


concrete forms_brick forms
concrete form-smooth   concrete forms_textured  concrete forms_vertibrick
Looks like brick…Feels like brick… Our natural "brick-look" concrete forms leave a lasting impression. Residential or commercial applications can easily be painted or two-toned for a decorative look. Concrete forms are compatible to pouring brick on one side and smooth on the other.
Smooth Brick, Textured Brick and VertiBrick.All our brick concrete forms give you a deep brick design providing a realistic finished look.
~ Width 36" - 1"
~ Heights up to 108"
~ Available in any hole pattern
~ VertiBrick is also available in metric sizes

Gang Adapter

Create gangs
36" wide
concrete forms
~ 6" wide and less than 5 1/2" deep when fully assembled.
~ Has a permanent waler built into the top and bottom of the system (Patent Pending).
~ Uses a tapered reusable cone with a rod tie.
~ Available in Smooth, Smooth Brick, Textured Brick and VertiBrick.
~ Attached wall braces, rod ties, and scaffold brackets are stored on the concrete form.
~ Simple system assembly.
~ 6-12 and 8-24 hole pattern included in the siderail to allow for use of fillers and corners.
~ Uses only 2 ties up to 10' tall. The ties are spaced on 42" intervals vertically.
~ Dry tie available for top of form on 10' and taller walls.
~ Weighs less than 7 lbs. per square foot fully assembled.

Big Panel

concrete forms_big panel
Amazingly Large, Fast Forming… Just as its name implies, these concrete forms are built large. The WTF Big Panel is ideal for repetitive tall wall construction -
Available in:
~ 8' x 8'
~ 8' x 9'
~ 8' x 10' plus various size fillers and corners
~ Face Sheet thickness of .156 to provide flat walls
~ Weighs 7 lbs per square foot including all
accessories and bracing
~ Panels are only 4 3/4" thick


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